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Welcome to 2024 African Tour Road To Nigeria Masters. Membership and Tournament Registration



Thank You for Your Registation


Entry fee: $50 must be paid 2 days before tee-off. 


Cut is +6 at the end of 72 holes.

Course fee of N1,000 per day

Age Limit: 18 - 50yrs


Accommodation: Rooms are available in the barracks opposite the golf course @N2,000 per night.

Annual Membership Fee:  $300

It will be Proportionately deducted from each tournament

Prize Money:   $5,000  /  N2,400,000

                        Winner: $500   /  N240,000

For Price Money Breakdown, Click on the link below

The Winner of OOM will be sponsored to a 6 months course valued $5,000 in South Africa.

Top 3 players in OOM will be eligible for tour sponsorship to play in any big event outside Nigeria.

Only fully paid members and those who played 12 events and above will be eligible to play the Nigerian Masters

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