About Us

The African Tour is devoted to developing the game of golf with our presence, and investing our passion and the incipient interest for the sport into tangible development for its host nations’ economies, infrastructure, and international relations. The organisation of national, regional and international professional golf tournaments will enhance the sport, provide a broader platform for existing competitions, open the sport to a larger audience and provide real opportunities for economic growth through high-profile tourism and investment, whilst facilitating education, career development and training for future generations of sports men and women in Africa.


Mr Harris Okatta - President 
Begonia Rubio Saiz - CEO
Mr Edwin Osuhor - Tournament Referee
Mr Ben Uzong - Director Of Operations
Mr Sulaiman Bello - IT Director



  1. Enhance the game of golf and support a growing incipient interest for the sport in both domestic and international markets. National, regional and international professional golf tournaments will be organised in  Africa: beginning with Nigeria and subsequently including Ghana, Senegal and Ivory Coast.
  2. Encourage mutually-beneficial relationships with other Golf Tours in the world and all golf associations, to ultimately protect the interests and integrity of the sport.
  3. Foster international interest in Africa as an attractive tourism destination through the common passion of golf. The African Tour will also harness the growth in golf tourism currently being experienced in many parts of the world (as manifested in Asia and the Middle-East) and provide a significant development and investment in high-end tourism for host countries which will cater to the emerging domestic middle classes as well as international markets.
  4. Establish a sound professional and strategic commercial platform to build long-term relationships between African Tour and related organisations and partners.
  5. Establish sound media partners to cover tournaments and increase international audiences and interest in the sport.
  6. Encourage a future generation of players in Africa. Develop a foundation to educate children and young adults with free programmes in elementary and secondary schools to introduce the game of golf as well as expanding the practice of sports in general to a much wider audience regardless of circumstances. Bring awareness to the significance of sport as a means of developing intrinsic life skills and values.
  7. Develop new golf courses, sports facilities and creative golf equipment throughout Africa to support the future of the sport and its players and generate greater player opportunities for existing and future tournament members.
  8. Provide education, training courses and related career development of professionals and pro-trainees within the game of golf.
  9. Create specific golf awareness in sub-regions, property branding, marketing initiatives.



  • The African Tour is dedicated to expanding golf across the nations of Africa, enhancing players’ experience of the sport, and attracting international interest in host countries through the common passion of golf.
  • Our vision is for African Tour to host internationally-acclaimed professional tournaments, engaging high-profile golfers and personalities and establishing working relationships with prominent and future golf courses in the region.
  • Co-sanctioning events with other PGA Tours will help to develop and establish mutually-beneficial working relationships with other golf tours, whilst quality media coverage will reach audiences world-wide, heighten awareness and enhance interest in the sport among national and international audiences.
  • We believe that future generations will continue to promote and develop the sport and our aim is to provide free sports education programmes to children in schools throughout the countries of Africa. By introducing the game of golf and encouraging the practice of sports in general we can reach a much wider audience regardless of circumstances and support current and future generations of African sports men and women.
  • The Africa Tour will stimulate the subsequent development of new golf courses and sports facilities, providing greater playing, business and career opportunities for players and business in the region.
  • Golf continues to provide the backbone of high-profile tourism investment in many parts of the world, and the evolution of existing and future courses will offer a major contribution to the development of the economy of the African nations through expanding high-end tourism, commercial interests, partnerships, and sponsors related to tournament golf. The blossoming middle-class sector has an increased interest in sport and leisure activities, and is creating an emerging domestic tourism market in Africa which in turn will stimulate development of hotels and infrastructure for both international and domestic markets.
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