• Introduction

  • Mission statement

  • Definitions

  • Authority

  • Principal Objectives

  • Membership Regulations

  • Tournament Information and Conditions

  • African Tour Championship

  • Code of Behaviour and Ethics




The African Tour rules and regulations’ compiled and published for the benefit of The African Tour Members and anyone involved, directly or indirectly, in the organization, operation and conduct of The African tour events.

The contents of the African Tour Rules and regulations’ should be read in conjunction with:

– The Rules of Golf as approved by the Royal and Ancient Golf Club St. Andrews and the United States Golf Association.

– The Memorandum and Articles of Association of The African Tour, as may be amended from time to time.

The African Tour reserves the right at all times to alter, vary or amend any of the Rules, Regulations, Procedures and Conditions set out herein.



The African Tour is devoted to developing the game of golf with our presence, and investing our passion and the incipient interest for the sport into tangible development for its host nations’ economies, infrastructure, and international relations.

The organisation of international-acclaimed professional golf tournaments will enhance the sport, provide a broader platform for existing competitions, open the sport to a larger audience and provide real opportunities for economic growth through high-profile tourism and investment, whilst facilitating education, career development and training for future generations of sports men and women in Africa.

The African Tour  is one of the professional golf tour in the Region. This unique acknowledgement as well as position places the Africa Tour at the pinnacle of professional golf in the African region.


‘The African Tour’ shall mean the geographical area of Africa –  African Tour commonly referred to as African Tour.

‘Tournament’ shall mean any tournament run under the auspices of The African Tour.

‘Order of Merit’ shall mean the accumulated amount of prize-money won by players in tournaments played in a calendar year.

‘Ranking Tournament’ shall mean any African Tour approved tournament, which is nominated by the African Tour to carry Official Prize Money.

‘Ranking Points’ shall mean a table listing Members in order of ranking according to the Official Money won in tournaments designated by the African Tour as African Tour Ranking Tournaments.

‘Co-Ranking Point Tournament Sanction Event’ shall mean any African Tour Ranking Point Tournament that is jointly sanctioned by a member of the International Federation of PGA Tours.

‘Member’ shall mean any full playing Member – Professional, player only.

Membership Age-Limit: 35 years

‘The Purse’ shall mean prize money awarded to professional member, and is based on money won by professional members participating in The African Tour events.

Note: both foreign and home-based players will be paid in US Dollars and in Naira where necessary.

‘Conflicting Event’ shall mean a golf tournament or exhibition match whether private or public, scheduled on the same dates as or in the seven days immediately before or after an African Tour tournament.

'Competing Event' shall mean a golf tournament, which the Board of Directors may from time to tim classify against or detracting from the African Tour objectives

‘President’ shall mean the President of the Board of Directors of the African Tour

‘Nationality’ shall mean the nationality stated by the member in his annual Membership Application Form and confirmed in the Member’s Passport.

‘Tour Championship Eligibility’ shall mean the eligibility for the season ending African Tour Championship.



African Tour Rules and Regulations are made pursuant to the African Tour Articles of Association and shall govern:

– The powers of:


– The Board of Directors


– Operations Director


– Media Director


– Tour Secretary


–Tournament Director


– African Tour Staff


– African Tour Regulations


– Membership of the African Tour


– The administration and conduct of all golf tournaments held under the auspices of the African Tour


– The conduct and responsibilities of Members of the African Tour



– To increase the number of events on the African Tour schedule year on year

– To increase the prize money available to professional members year on year


– To develop and promote the sport of golf throughout the Africa region


– To maintain direct control over the African Tour commercial rights


– To establish a sound commercial platform to encourage commercial partners to build long-term relationships with the African Tour


– To establish mutually beneficial working relationships with Members of the International Federation of PGA Tours and all other golf Associations worldwide, acting at all times in the best interests of the development of the game.


– To re-invest surplus funds into the African Tour Foundation to develop a stronger and more successful Tour for the benefit of its members and partners.


  1. No person shall become a Member of the African Tour, until such time that his membership application has been approved, any relevant membership fees have been paid and his membership details are entered in the Register of Members.

  2. Membership applications will only be accepted through

  3. On receipt, applications will be forwarded for approval.

  4. Once approved, account log-in information will be sent via email with further instructions on payment of membership fees and tournament entries.

  5. Payments for membership fees and tournament entries will be done through direct payment to African Tour ACCOUNT, account details will be sent once membership application is approved.

  6. Members are required to provide a copy of his international passport and a passport size photograph.

  7. Membership is annual and is charged by way of a subscription fee.

  8. Membership categories and eligibility criteria:


– Professional Membership

  • Open to any professional player eligible to compete in African Tour Tournaments (18-35yrs).

  • Non-members (are not qualified to play in African tour event except on sponsors invite): Non-members  points are not part of the OOM and are not qualified to play in the Nigerian Masters and Tour Championship.

  • 2021 Membership subscription fee: $300 USD

  • Top 20 players in OOM automatically earn their next season tour card. 

  1. Medical Extensions to Membership.

Members will not, in the majority of situations, be given an extension to their membership because they have been prevented from playing due to illness or injury.

  1. Termination of Membership

A player eligible to compete on the African Tour, as defined above, shall cease to be a Member when one or more of the following occurs:

  • Resignation of membership

  • Expulsion of the Member by the African Tour Board of Directors as a result of a breach of the African Tour Code of Behavior and Ethics or, in the reasonable view of the Board of Directors, the Member materially breaches any undertaking, warranty or other obligation given by him to the African Tour in respect of his participation on the African Tour or, the member defaults in regard to payment of subscription fees after the due date. The Board of Directors may, without showing cause, refuse to continue a players’ Membership of the African Tour. The relevant person shall cease to be a Member of the African Tour with immediate effect and their name shall be removed from the Register of Members. In such case, the Board of Directors shall provide the Member with written notice of his cessation of Membership.

A Member expelled from 
African Tour shall be disqualified from again becoming a Member of the African Tour, except with the express written consent of the Board of Directors. Notwithstanding any other provisions of these regulations, any Member who resigns his membership of the African Tour or is disqualified from membership for any reason and thereafter participates in any other tournament conducted in conflict with African Tour event shall not become eligible for reinstatement of his African Tour Membership, without the express written consent of the Board of Directors, and not until the lapse of 24 calendar months from the date of termination of Membership or date of the last such conflicting tournament in which he has participated, whichever is the later.See membership form

  1. Entry and Payment Regulations and Procedures


– Entries and all communication will only be accepted from fully paid up African Tour members with the exception of players in Categories for Host Country Invitations and African Tour Invitations.


 All communication to the Tour must be through e-mail and whatsapp; and       +234 (0) 817 712 6138

– Entries for Full Member Professionals for all tournaments in 2021 will open when the tournament scheduled is published.


- Affiliate membership: African Tour will give affiliation right to one professional Player in countries where there is no player on the tour


– Tournament Entry fees: Entry fee per tournament will be communicated with tournament information 14 days before the tournament.


– Amateur qualification to turn Pro on the Tour: top 5 players in order of merit of Amateur ranking at the end of  the season will qualify to play as tour pro in  next season. 

– Official Tournament Entry Closing Date will be 5pm, 7 days prior to the first round of the tournament in question or as otherwise notified.


– Priority in the field for non-exempt players will be determined by entry date i.e. earlier entries will have priority over later entries.


– In the event of a field for any Tournament not being full at the Official Tournament Entry Closing Date, late entries will be accepted until a full field is achieved. The fee for a late entry will be double the normal tournament entry fee.


– Payment for tournament entries is required by the Official Closing date for the tournament in question.


– If a player fails to pay his entry fee by the Official Tournament Entry Closing Date, his entry will remain valid but his position of priority will be amended to the bottom of the entry list. This also applies to exempt players.


– A confirmation of entry will be sent to the Member at his e-mail address as detailed on his Membership application form. This will be regarded as an official receipt of entry.


– It is the Member’s responsibility to ensure that his entry has been received prior to the Official Tournament Entry Closing Date and to check his current qualification status for the tournament in question.


– In the event of withdrawal from a tournament after the Official Tournament Entry Closing Date and payment has been made, entry fees may only be refunded at the discretion of the tournament Committee.


– Exemption categories have been established to recognize previous achievements on the African Tour and to provide incentive to all members. Members for whom the exemption categories do not apply, will be classified as ‘non-exempt’.


– 2021 exemption categories;

   (1) Past winners of 2019, 2020 season 

   (2) Players on medical exemption 

   (3)Players on invitational

  1. Withdrawal Regulations and Procedures 


– Tournament withdrawals after the Official Tournament Entry Closing Date and 7 days prior to the first round of the tournament in question.

  • Entry fee will be refunded in full provided that withdrawal is notified in writing to African Tour officials.


– Tournament withdrawals later than 7 days prior to the first round of the tournament in question.

  • The member will be subjected to a fine of $50 without refund of entry fee. 


– Tournament withdrawals after the start of a tournament.

  • The member will be subjected to a fine of $100, which will double up for subsequent offences unless the member can provide immediate evidence of an emergency or medical circumstances deemed reasonable by the Tournament Director that might prevent continuation in the tournament. Written evidence of medical circumstances must be provided. See withdrawal form



A member may withdraw from a tournament, without penalty, at the conclusion of the second round for medical reason provided that he informs the African Tour Staff before the conclusion of that round. Written evidence of medical circumstances must be provided.

Note: For any withdrawal during a tournament, a player must complete a withdrawal form providing details of the reason(s) for withdrawal. A confirmation of withdrawal will be sent to the Member at his e-mail address as detailed on his Membership application form. This is regarded as an official receipt of a withdrawal notification.

  1. Registration


– All competitors are required to register for each African Tour Tournament by 12:00 noon local time  a day prior to the first round of the tournament, unless otherwise specified.


– A competitor must register in person at the designated tournament office and complete any appropriate forms.


– The tournament office will normally be open for registration between 09.00am–18.00pm local time.

– Failure to register by the required time will result in a player’s name being withdrawn from the tournament entry list.

  1. Player Video and Images


African Tour members agree to have their name and image (photo and/or video) published by African Tour for the purposes of promotion or reporting of the African Tour. Members understand that African Tour might use their name and/or image in electronic or print form such as on the internet and film footage, or in printed materials such as reports, posters and newspapers. These materials may be seen or read by people anywhere in the world. African Tour will own the image but will NOT benefit financially from it. Members also understand that African Tour will not pay them for use of their image.

  1. Visa Application and Approvals


For certain events African Tour will endeavor to assist players in processing their Visa application. Under no circumstances is African Tour liable for African Tour players ensuring Visa approval.

  1. Tournament Cancellation


African Tour will do its utmost to ensure that there are no tournament cancellations. Any tournament cancellation will be outside of the control of the African Tour. African Tour is not liable to host a replacement tournament. If in the event of a replacement tournament being organised the African Tour reserves the right to implement alternative policies for the tournament. The African Tour will not be responsible for any expenses incurred by players.



The following conditions are applicable to African Tour ‘regular’ tournaments.

  1. Tournament Format


– Each tournament will be a stroke play event held over 54/72 holes.



  • The cut will be made after 36 holes, +10.

  • Top 25 players, where there are ties one hole sudden death will be used to determine the player that proceed to the final round for the events.




– In the event of a tie for first place, a ‘sudden death’, play-off will take place to determine the winner. The holes to be used for the playoff will be advised by the Tournament Director.

– If a play-off involves more than two players, those players, other than the winner, will be deemed to have tied for second place regardless of their score in the play-off.

– If a play-off fails to determine a winner due to weather conditions or for any other reason, all players will be deemed to have won and will share any associated monies or points.

  1. Tournament Field


– The Field for each tournament shall not exceed 54. The minimum field is 25 players. Events that register less than 25 players may be cancelled at the discretion of the Tournament organizers.  In certain circumstances the field number will be reduced due to daylight hours available. Where possible African Tour will post the number of the Field in advance.

– In the event that the tournament in question is oversubscribed, the field will be decided based on the time / date that each entry was received (i.e. earlier entrants will receive priority), subject to payment being received on time.

  1. Prize money


– Prize money will be distributed in accordance with the official breakdown of the ‘prize fund’ at each tournament. Details are available through

– All prize money is subject to a 10% management fee and will be deducted from prize money pay-outs. In addition, foreign players will be subject to 10% withholding tax (in Countries where applicable).

-Prize money won by  players will be paid between  7 to 14 days following the end of the tournament.

– In the event that a player is disqualified, he shall not be entitled to claim any points or prize money for the tournament in question.

– In order to earn points and prize money a player must complete the final round of the tournament.

  1. Play foreshortened or cancelled


– If, in the judgment of the Tournament Director, adverse weather conditions or any other occurrence beyond the control of African Tour officials, renders the commencement or continuation of the tournament impracticable, play shall be postponed until such time as the Tournament Director or designated African Tour officials considers that play can be continued.

– The Tournament Director or designated African Tour officials have absolute discretion to implement whatever procedures may be necessary in order to ensure the continuation and completion of the tournament. Where possible, the following guidelines will be considered:

Rounds 1 and 2

Either round may be cancelled if more than 50% of the field fails to complete that round. However, as a general principle, once a stroke has been played it shall count.

Round 3 or 4

  • If this cannot be completed, a result may be declared based on the number of rounds completed by all players.

  • In exceptional circumstances and only when practical, the final round may be scheduled on an additional day.

  • With the primary objective on all occasions, to complete the stipulated 54/72 holes within the four allocated days, the 36-hole cut may be reduced to a number considered necessary, to ensure that the final round can be played on the last allocated day.

  1. Suspension of Play


– If during a tournament it becomes necessary to suspend play, three consecutive notes of the klaxon/siren will be sounded or notification will otherwise be communicated to the players.


– On being advised of suspension, competitors may either cease play immediately OR complete the hole they are playing.

– Competitors must not play any shot from the teeing ground unless another player in his group has commenced play on the hole.

  1. g. Dangerous Situation


– If, during play, it becomes necessary to suspend play for a dangerous situation (e.g. lightning), players must discontinue play immediately. A suspension for a dangerous situation will be signaled by a prolonged note of the klaxon/siren.

  1. Resumption of Play


– As soon as conditions allow play to be resumed, two short notes of the klaxon/siren repeated will be sounded or notification will otherwise be communicated to the players.


– On being advised of the resumption, play will re-commence immediately by all competitors on the course.

  1. Practice


– Practice is only permitted in designated areas at designated times.


Prior to official practice rounds the African Tour will advise on practice procedures such as tee booking and any restrictions. This information will be found on the website or on the tournament notice board.


– During practice rounds, players may use only one ball, with the following exceptions:

  • If a player misses the green with his approach shot, he may play an additional shot.

  • Three chip shots may be played from the green surrounds, provided that such practice does not damage the course.

  • Two bunker shots may be played towards the green from a green-side bunker.

  • A player may not use vehicle transportation unless authorized by the Tournament Director or designated African Tour officials.


Note: The penalty for breach of the above is a fine of $100 which will double up for subsequent offences

  1. Tournament Reserves


– Once the Tournament Director has advised an appropriate response deadline to the ‘First reserve’, he is required to commit to the tournament and be on site from the first tee time until the last tee time of the first round.


– If the ‘First reserve’ is not prepared or able to adhere to the above, he will be removed from the entry list and replaced as first reserve by the next eligible player.

  1. Prize Presentation


– The leading professionals are required to attend the prize presentation.


– If requested, any player finishing in or in a tie for 2nd or 3rd place, are required to attend the prize presentation.


– In approved one-day tournaments and pro-ams preceding a tournament, only the leading player in the team event is required to attend the prize presentation.


Note: The penalty for breach of the above is a fine of $500 which will double up for subsequent offices.

  1. Media and Public Relations


The public reputation of the African Tour and its tournaments is a valuable asset and creates tangible benefits for all African Tour members. Accordingly, it is an obligation of the membership to refrain from comments to media that attack, disparage or criticize tournaments, sponsors, promoters, players, the African Tour or African Tour officials. Such comments are prohibited.

Any contravention of this regulation shall be a serious breach of the African Tour Code of Behavior. A fine of $1,500 will be levied to players in breach of this rule which will double up for subsequent offences. To ensure maximum goodwill, it is essential that members make every effort to support all public relations and media activities, which among other things include compliance with reasonable requests from the tournament press officer to attend the press/media center and to co-operate fully with the media.

  1. Official Functions


Players are encouraged to attend all tournament related functions to which they are invited. This is a courtesy to sponsors who pay the tournament prize money and subsidise such functions. At the discretion of the Tournament Director, any such function may be made mandatory for some or all competitors, depending on circumstance. For clarity official functions include Junior Clinic’s, Press Conferences and Prize Presentation Functions.

Note: The penalty for failure to attend a mandatory function is a fine of $500 which will double up for subsequent offences.

  1. Role of a Marker


When there is single player it is appropriate to appoint a marker for the round. It is decision of the player whether or not the marker plays alongside or simply marks the card. If the marker does play alongside he will:

  • Always give ‘’The Honour’’ to the player

  • Pick up his ball when appropriate to ensure Pace of Play is maintained

  • Assist the player on the green by removing/replacing the flagstick

  • At the conclusion of each hole clarify number of strokes taken by the player and record the score on the scorecard

  1. Pace of Play


– The player must play without undue delay and in accordance with the requirements of the tournament committee. Groups are required to maintain their position on the course in relation to the group in front at time of starting. A group is deemed to be ‘’out of position’’ if it is more than the starting interval behind the group in front.

– Should a group be deemed to be ‘’out of position’’ the following process will be strictly adhered to:

  • Group will be informed they are ‘’out of position’’ and allowed 2 holes to get back on schedule

  • Failure to get back on schedule will result in the player/s being given a bad time

  • A further failure to get back on schedule will result in a Second Offence penalty of a fine of $100 plus a 1 stroke penalty for each player deemed to have a bad time.

  • If the group still fails to get back on schedule they will receive a Third Offence penalty of $200 plus a 2 strokes penalty for each player deemed to have a bad time.


– The referee or ‘’Pace of Play’’ marshal may also inform an individual player or individual players within the group that they are being timed. The African Tour has implemented a policy as published in the Hard Card of 25/30 seconds per shot allowed from when it is deemed it is that players turn to play.

The following process will be strictly adhered to:

  • Individual player or players will be informed they are on the clock due to being ‘’out of position’’

  • If, after 2 holes they are not back on schedule then the player or players will be issued a Bad time

  • If they still fail to get back on schedule they will be issued a second bad time with a fine of $100 plus a 1 stroke penalty for each player deemed to have a bad time.

  • If they still fail to get back on schedule they will be issued a further bad time with a fine of $200 plus a 2 stroke penalty for each player deemed to have a bad time

  • Any further Offence will result in a penalty of Disqualification.


– If a player receives a Second, Third or Fourth Offence penalty in 3 tournaments, whether consecutive or not during a season then the West Africa Golf Tour reserves the right to terminate his membership.

  1. Order of Merit

– For any winnings/points to count towards the African Golf Tour Order of Merit, the player, before the commencement of that tournament must have paid and be confirmed as a Full Playing Member (See point 6)



– The winner of Order of Merit will receive 10% of the price money of the Tour Championship.

  1. Official Recorders

– Players are required to co-operate, when asked for details of their scores by the Official Recorders on the course. Scoreboard Officials and TV Recorders are regarded as Official Recorders.


    Standard of Dress:

– During any African Tour event, members are required to present a smart appearance in terms of clothing and personal grooming. Players are also expected to be smartly dressed when attending official functions. Guidelines:

  • Shirts: Collarless shirts, sleeveless shirts, shirts of a transparent material/design or shirts worn outside trousers are NOT acceptable.

  • Trousers: Jeans may be worn at a venue (subject to venue regulations) however not on the course, in the tournament office or any practice facility.Trousers may not be tucked into socks.

  • If a player has been requested to attend a Press Conference or a Prize Presentation he MUST do so wearing long trousers and closed shoes. Sandals/flip flops and the like are not permitted.

Note: The penalty for breach of the above is a fine of $100, which will double up for subsequent offences

  1. Alcohol

– The consumption of alcohol on the course is not permitted at any time during practice, a Pro-am or tournament.

Note: The penalty for breach of the above is a fine of $300, which will double up for subsequent offences

  1. Caddies


– At all times, caddies are the responsibility of the player for whom they are working. The player is responsible for any fines incurred by their caddie


– Caddie fees: official caddie fee will be notified in the tournament information sheet. However, the winner pays 10% of net winning,however players are equally allowed to caddie for themselves as long as theres no slow play

– Caddie regulations:

  • Behavior by caddies of a personal nature, which is generally unacceptable by normal social standards, is prohibited.

  • Caddies are not permitted to mark any player’s scorecard.

  • Caddies wearing golf shoes will not be permitted to walk on any putting surface on the tournament course.

  • African Tour Members are prohibited from caddying for another African Tour

  • Caddies are not permitted to use pull trolleys.


Note: The penalty for breach of the above is a minimum fine of $100, which will double up for subsequent offences.

  Distance Measuring Devices


– Are only permitted during Practice or pre-tournament pro-ams but not in tournaments


Note: The penalty for breach of above is disqualification

  Conflicting / Invitational Tournament

– Players who wish to play in a conflicting events with African Tour tournaments are required to obtain a release. The African Tour players must obtain a release before playing any invitational event. The tour has the right to approve or reject the application.

–  The fine for a player not applying or obtaining a release before playing in conflicting / invitational events with African Tour tournaments will be lost of playing rights for the rest of the season and $1,000.

–   African Tour Members are required to act at all times in the best interests of the African Tour.


  1.  Qualification 


– The top 15 eligible professionals on order of merit will qualify for the African Tour Championship.

– Entry fee for Tour Championship – Entry fee per tournament will be communicated with tournament information 21 days before the tournament.

  1. Eligibility


– Only players who have completed a minimum of nine (9) regular African Tour tournaments when 12 or more are scheduled or six (6) if less than 12 regular tournaments on the year schedule will be eligible to play in the African Tour Championship.

– If a player has not fulfilled the minimum tournaments requirement, he will be removed from the order of merit for the purpose of determining the African Tour Championship field.

  1. Field


– In the event that a player who has qualified for the African Tour Championship is unable to play, he will not be replaced in the field.




On becoming a Member of the African Tour, each member voluntarily submits himself to standards of behavior and ethical conduct beyond those required of ordinary golfers and members of the public.

The African Tour must represent a hallmark of honesty, fair dealings, courtesy and sportsmanship, which each Member is bound to honor at all times, on or off the golf course.

It is impossible to define the exact standard of conduct expected from Members in all circumstances or to list all acts which would amount to a breach of the Code and lead to disciplinary sanctions. In most cases, common sense should tell the Member the standard of behavior that is required. Any Member who has any doubts as to the conduct expected of him should contact a African Tour official for advice.


In most circumstances the following acts or omissions will be considered to be contrary to the African Golf Tour Code of Behavior and Ethics. If it is established that a player has breached one or more of these, a penalty will be imposed. These guidelines are designed to assist African Tour officials and Members in identifying the standard of conduct and ethics expected from African Tour Members and to set out procedures to be followed where there may have been a breach of the same.

Etiquette. Failure to comply with normally accepted standards of courtesy and golf etiquette is considered a serious offence. This includes but is not limited to

  • Failure to repair divots,

  • Failure to repair pitch marks

  • Failure to ensure that a bunker is correctly raked after use.

  • Driving a buggy against the rules of the club

  • Parking a buggy on tee boxes or close to greens

  • Shirts pulled out of trousers

  • Golf cap on backwards

  • Throwing clubs

  • Swearing

  • Damaging property belonging to a 3rd party

Note: Failure to comply with above will result in an automatic fine of $100, which will double up for subsequent offences. Fine to be paid prior registration at next tournament.

Behavior of a personal nature, which is generally unacceptable by normal social standards, is prohibited.

– Conduct likely to injure or discredit the reputation of the African Tour or any of its Members or conduct, which is contrary to African Tour Rules or Regulations, is prohibited.

– Failure to report a breach of the African Tour Code of Behavior and Ethics by another Member when that Member is aware of the breach or should reasonably have realized that a breach may have occurred. as well as failure to co-operate in any inquiry is subject to penalty.

– Rules of Golf: Members are required to comply with the Rules of Golf and any additional Local Rules in force at any event and further comply with Conditions of Competition Regulations or other rules, by- laws, directions or instructions as specified by the African Tour, which shall be deemed to incorporate the relevant provisions of the Africa Golf Tour Code of Behavior and Ethics.

– Deliberate breach of the Rules of Golf is considered a serious offence. If a player is disqualified for what is deemed a deliberate breach of the Rules of Golf it will automatically result in a cancellation of membership for that season. If the breach is considered such as a serious breach of the Rules of Golf involving behavior of a personal nature that player will automatically have his membership revoked. No refund of membership fee or entry fees will be approved.

– Goodwill. African Tour Members are required to act at all times in the best interests of the African Tour and the game of golf and try to enhance any goodwill attached to either.