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Final round (leg12) of the Race to Nigeria masters (Pro/Am) tournament

12th leg race to Nigeria masters: U. Anoruo Wins leg 12 of the race to Nigerian masters tournament


Anoruo proves himself and dusted his very strong contender to make the cut.

It’s the final round of the 12th Leg of the Race to Nigeria Masters and 5 golfers battled but just
3 of them was lucky enough to make the cut.

With the cumulative of 292 with +4 after 72 holes; U. Anoruo became the first person on the leaderboard. His game play in the final round started with a par in 1st, 2nd, 3rd $4th hole, bogey in 5th, par in 6th, 7th, 8th and eventually finishing the front nine with a birdie to make 35. With a birdie in 10th, bogey in 11th, par in 12th, birdie in 13th, par in 14th, bogey in 15th, birdie in 16th hole and 17th & 18th hole being a par saw him coming in with 36 finishing the round with an under course par (71).




“I’m excited that I am the first on the board, words can’t express how much happy I am to have made the cut after a while of not winning”, Anoruo said in a media chat with the africantour correspondent.








Coming close in second place is another optimistic golfer; G. Inalegwu. His game ended with a cumulative of 297 with +9 after 72 holes which made him make the cut. His game play in the final round saw him coming in with 1 over par (73).

In a media chat, the player seemed very happy to have made cut and promised himself to do better in the next tournament.

Also, in third place is D. Ali who was U. Anoruo’s strong contender after the third round but faltered in his final round. His game ended with the cumulative of 302 with +14 which also saw him making the cut.

It’s the end of the 12th Leg of the Race to Nigeria Masters, all players have given in their best. Stay connected and glued to our website for information on when and where the next tournament will be.

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